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Berthou Benoit 1301 02 NicolasGuerin
Member of LabSIC since  2008

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Lecturer in the sciences of information and communication at Université Paris 13; head of the master's programme "Culture, media"; editor of the journal Comicality. Studies in Graphic Culture
My research takes the following two directions.
  • "Books and digitisation": the development and reconfiguration of the book business in relation to new technologies of information and communication. I look at the redefinition of professional activities and identities (publishers, booksellers, librarians) and emerging modes of integration of the book into social space (commercialisation, distribution).
  • "Graphic culture": the current and future status of graphics in the cultural industries (books, video games, films). I study the modes of critique (the sociology of target groups), circulation (adaptation processes) and creation (design and financing) of graphic productions.


There are two aspects to this research: that which concerns new modes of organisation of the book industry (due to the ways in which digitisation has changed the relationship between booksellers and readers, and between other protagonists), and that which has to do with the modes of distribution of the comic strip, accompanied by a study of its readership (working with the Bibliothèque Publique d'Information), and the forms and processes of its translation.
This research has had international extrapolations: conferences ("Emerging book trade organisation" in 2013, and "Publishing studies" in 2014, with researchers from the universities of Oxford Brookes, Ljubljana, Milan, Leipzig, Leiden and Liège; and the journal Comicality. Studies in graphic culture, on the Open Edition platform, referenced in the Directory of Open Access Journal, the Index Copernicus and citefactor.org.
In general terms, this work examines drawing as a mode of expression and communication, and takes a fresh look at the distribution and critical reception of books.
Areas of research
Drawing and graphic culture
Reading and cultural practices
The marketing of books, and new editorial products
Adaptation, crossmedia, transmedia
Readers, authors, publishers, booksellers
Teaching activities
Books and digitisation: which types of organisation?
New cultural products: publication and innovation
The comic strip: what type of cultural industry?
Convergences of images: books, video games, television, films
Culture and media: the commercialisation of creativity
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