19 avril 2019

Call for Applications for a PhD Grant: The challenges of digital platforms for cultural globalisation

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This call for a PhD Fellowship focuses on the topic of cultural globalisation, in particular with regard to the deployment of digital platforms combining diverse cultural productions.

The challenges linked to this deployment constitute the core of the research conducted on the LabSIC’s Theme 1, “Cultural, educational and creative industries”, and are its major strategic focus; within the framework of information and communication sciences, they can also incorporate perspectives rooted in fields such as political sciences or economics.

Every sector of the cultural industries is concerned: books, recorded music, cinema and audio-visual productions, the press and news, and video games. Using these platforms, newcomers such as Netflix, for example, are becoming increasingly important within the cultural industries while players in the communication industries, including Apple, Google and Amazon, are deploying platforms to increase their presence to offer and now even produce cultural products.

PhD Fellowship 2019