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Research Center for Information and Communication Sciences
Université Paris13

trois carrésLabSIC (Laboratoire des Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication) – the French research Equipe d'Accueil 1803 – has enjoyed consistent certification since it was created in 1993. In 2008 and 2013 it received an A+ classification. It runs the master's degree course at UFR Sciences de la Communication, Université Paris 13, and the doctoral programme in the sciences of information and communication. Most of the teaching and research staff are members of LabSIC. The laboratory also works jointly with the Erasme doctoral school (ED 493).

LabSIC is directed by Professor Bertrand Legendre, who also heads Labex ICCA (Laboratoire d'Excellence, Industries Culturelles et Création Artistique), which was set up under the aegis of LabSIC in 2011.

trois carrésAnalysis of the cultural and media industries is central to the research carried out at LabSIC, and is what made its reputation on the national and international levels. There are three complementary themes which, while not pursued on a team basis, nor subject to compartmentalisation, give structure and coherence to the laboratory's activities. This organisational approach allows researchers to work in one or other of the three areas, in collective programmes that result from appeals for projects or from individual initiatives. And it has proved adaptable to new objects of study, e.g. the educational and creative industries, the illustrated magazine sector and digital platforms for museums.

trois carrésThree research themes :

1: The cultural, educational and creative industries: reconfigurations of emerging sectors and logics

2: Public spaces: discourse and models

3: Innovations in communication: systems, norms and uses


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